Artwork Submission


To Ensure A Smooth Process & Quality Print, Please Prepare Artwork According To The Guidelines Below

1. File Type


Please save all artwork as Adobe Illustrator .ai files. This will ensure our ability to properly prep the file for printing.

Editable PDFs are also acceptable. PDFs are actually the type of file we use for printing as it preserves proper page size for proper alignment.

2. Fonts & Images


In order to avoid us having to find and download any special fonts used, ensure fonts are outlined/objects. If you'd like to preserve a font for quick edits, please make sure to send the font file.

If an image/jpeg is used in the Illustrator artwork, please be sure it is saved with the .ai or sent seperately.

3. Colors


Please make sure all colors are labeled properly in the Pantone Color spectrum for accurate color representation in the final print.

4. Perforation, Crease & Cut Lines


If your prototype requires folded assembly, cutting or perforation, please be sure your artwork has in scale perforation, crease & or cut lines. Make sure they are in separate layers and a stroke with no fill. Color does not matter.

5. Transparent Film & Windows


To speed up the process and save us time make any areas that need to stay transparent/windowed light blue in color.

6. Special Effects & White


Similar to cut lines, please make a separate layer indicating which areas need to be printed with embossing, glossing or matte-warnishing. A separate white base layer filling under the entire printed area is helpful as well.